GBC-USA calls on Kiir and Machar to end violence now

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Published on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 19:51
Written by The Greater Bor Community in the United States
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Press Release,

Greater Bor Community in the United States

To Two Principals: President Salve Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Contain Violence and Resolve Political Differences through dialogue and democratic process

Following the incidence that happened on December 14, 2013, here are the facts that Greater Bor Leadership in the United States have gathered thus far:

  1. The fighting started in the presidential guards barrack; none knows the cause; it is hypothesized differently;
  2. There are indeed, causalities but the exact number is not known now;
  3. A number of people accused of attempted coup are put in house arrest at Dr. Cirino Iteng’s house. Those arrested are from the dissenting voices group who participated in the December 6 press conference, namely;
    1. Deng Alor
    2. John Luk
    3. Kosti Manibe
    4. Alfred Lado Gore
    5. Uyai Deng
    6. Gier Chuang
    7. Chol Tong
    8. Madut Biar
    9. Dr. Cirino Iteng
    10. Dr. Majak Agoot
    11. Taban Deng Gai, Dr. Riek Machar, Ezekiel Gatkuoth and Pagan Amum are also said to have been arrested but their whereabouts are unclear.

Is there a connection between the December 6 Conference and the recent incident involving the presidential guards? What is it?

Our concern as citizens and a community

  1. We condemn the violence in the sense that what happened yesterday must be investigated;
  2. Contain the situation and show leadership;
  3. Address political differences through meaningful political dialogues and avenues;
  4. Stop scapegoating or using the situation of yesterday to smear innocent voices;
  5. Investigate the yesterday’s incident and address it accordingly;
    1. Is what happened yesterday a coup or was it a clash caused by yet-to-be known reasons?
    2. What should South Sudanese learn from this tragic and unfortunate incident?
      1. Leadership: The president’s speeches during the NLC meeting and that of the vice president did not show leadership; have the capacity to instigate tension among the highly ethnically charged security forces
      2. Fragile nation: The nation needs a leader to delicately lead it and work to strengthen its unity
      3. Egos: Inflicting an incident like what happened yesterday is unacceptable; did the president cause this himself to use it as an opportunity to silent his opponents through arrests and possibly, killings or did somebody somehow, somewhere really caused this violence to try to make the president looks bad for his mismanaging of the political differences within the party and nation? Or is it just an isolated incident triggered by the politically charged environment?
      4. Kiir is a “failure”; Riek is a “disgrace” and all have betrayed the people of South Sudan; none is a saint. Of course, a “failure” is better than a “disgrace” but certainly, a better than the two is what South Sudan needs
      5. What should have prevented this unfortunate situation
  1. What is the way forward
  1. To the International Community

Signed by:

Greater Bor Community-USA Executive Leadership

Greater Bor Community-USA Governmental Affairs Committee

Greater Bor Community-USA Board of Directors

County Leadership Committee (Bor, Duk, Twic)