Zimbabwe ready to move forward - Zuma


South African President Jacob Zumlauded "progress" in Zimbabwe on Thursday. Photo/Reuters
Johannesburg - The Zimbabwean political leadership is ready to tackle political and social challenges head-on, President Jacob Zuma said at a gala dinner in Harare on Thursday.

The dinner was hosted by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and among the guests was Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

"We bring fraternal greetings from the people of South Africa who have closely followed with keen interest the positive developments that have taken place in this great country in recent times," Zuma said.

"These are positive developments that foretell good things that will come to the Zimbabwean nation," he said.

Zuma noted that the country's achievements signalled to locals and the world that Zimbabwe's political leadership was ready to "collectively tackle the political and the socio-economic challenges head-on".

"We are all encouraged by how the three parties put their differences aside in the service of this country.

"It is indeed very encouraging to note the significant progress that has been made under the auspices of the Inclusive Government."

Zuma said the SADC remained at its disposal for assistance.

"The remaining issues are not insurmountable, and can be overcome.

"The most difficult path has already been travelled... The bonds that united us when we battled the inhuman systems of apartheid and colonialism still guide us today as we endeavour to build a better life for all our people." - Sapa